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Water Damage Restoration Phoenix AZ

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Why choose us for your Phoenix water damage restoration needs?

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We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a water loss in your home or office. In order to get your property back to normal, our technicians work quickly and respond to emergency calls 24/7 to get to your location within an hour. We also work directly with your insurance company to take more stress out of the situation for you.

Act Fast For Phoenix Water Cleanup

One of the most important steps in restoring a water-damaged property is getting to it as soon as possible. The less time the water has to travel through the house and absorb into material, the faster it can be dried and restored with the least amount of damage caused. So don’t wait to call! Also, if you have sewage damage from a sewer backup or line break, you need to call us immediately for sewage damage cleanup and removal of all contamination.

When water or flood damage occurs in your home or commercial property, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to respond to the problem, the more likely you will encounter more severe structural damage or the development of mold. No matter if you have a broken or leaky pipe, a toilet or sink overflow, a slab leak, a malfunctioning water heater, refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine, or a flooded house, attic or crawlspace due to storms or flooding, we will find the source of the water damage, stop the flooding, have full water extraction and removal and structural drying, and then provide full water damage restoration.

What to do when you find water damage

  • If the water source is evident and safely accessible, shut off the water main or close window or door from which water is getting into the property.
  • Remove all property valuables that can be damaged.
  • Remove furniture from affected area.
  • Move as much off the wet carpet or floor as possible, especially objects with metal or wooden legs or supports. These items will stain the carpet or hardwood floors when wet.

How we handle water damage restoration Phoenix AZ

  • We make sure the working environment is safe
  • Inspect and identify the water source and make sure no more flooding is happening
  • Water extraction with our truck mounted system and water pumps
  • Seal off the affected area to prevent other areas from being flooded or damaged
  • Install drying equipment and monitor daily until all materials are dried to the specified requirements
  • Look for mold damage and make sure there is complete mold removal and remediation
  • Water damage repair to bring it back to the pre loss condition.

For your water damage restoration needs, including water extraction and water damage repair, call us 24/7 at 866-946-4393